Tent Glamping

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Tent glamping (glamorous camping) have been something that I have been very interested in doing with my family and friends. So much so that I even created a Facebook group about it. If you are a tent glamper or curious about tent glamping join the group (link is below) and share it with your friends and family members.

FB group: Tent Glampers

My interest started awhile ago when I randomly planned a tent camping mother’s day weekend trip at Virginia Beach KOA campground. I wanted to do something different but I also wanted it to be family friendly and affordable for most people to join. Well covid hit and stopped our plans, but it didn’t stop my desire.

I have have been researching the best tents, affordable coolers, and all kinds of cool outdoor gadgets. If I’m going tent camping I want to do it in style and as comfortable as possible. The more research I did about tent camping, I found out that I’m more of a tent glamper. A tent glamper is someone who wants luxury at their campsite. Everyone has different meanings of luxury and what glamping means to them and that’s okay. I’m going to be blogging about what glamping means to me. I hope you enjoy my content.

Click on the links below to see more about my tent glamping adventures, to do list, what to pack, and so more!

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