Our First Time Bass Fishing

Good morning friends! Recently we went back to Lake Anna to go Bass fishing. There has been some cooler and rainy days here that has kept us inside. Luckily we had one day this past week where the weather was perfect for fishing outside with a toddler and grandparents. We over packed (I had enough food to feed an army 😋) the car and headed down to Lake Anna.

Look how beautiful the water is!

We unfortunately didn’t catch anything but we still had a great time. If you are looking for something different to do with your kids try out fishing. Walmart had a bunch of character themed fishing rod sets for $10! My fishing pole was about $20 which included the fishing line! Fishing isn’t an expensive activity and anyone can do it.

Tripp had a blast sitting by the water.

Below I recorded a quick vlog of our bass fishing trip. I would love for you to watch it and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more of our adventures. 🤗

Thank you so much for coming by my and reading my blog post today. I hope y’all have a fabulous Mother’s day!

xo, Marion

Fun Day at Lake Anna State Park

Hey friends hey!

This past weekend my son and I went on an adventure to explore Lake Anna state park in Spotsylvania, VA. We are still practicing social distancing, however needed a different scenery.

We were able to have a relaxing picnic outside while watching the boats and people go fishing. It was a nice to change up our normal routine. I also brought bubbles for him to blow while we were there.

Tripp and I had a great day and really enjoyed our time at the lake. I even went out and bought him a Paw Portal fishing rod and net, so that we can go fishing the next time that we are there.

There were so many options at Walmart for toddler & preschool age children to choose from. Tripp was super excited to see his new fishing gear when I brought it home yesterday.

Below is a short vlog of our trip to Lake Anna. If you are able to go visit your local state parks in your area I highly recommend it. Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog. Don’t forget to watch my vlog 👇🏾 and subscribe 😉 to my YouTube channel.

xo, Marion