2019 Back to School Series| Tot- Homeschool Edition

Good afternoon friends! I am so excited to share my very 1st back to school series!!

Below are a list of homeschool related blog posts that I have already written that you are welcome to check out. Come back throughout this week to see other blog posts that has been added to this list.

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I also want to let you know that I save all of my toddler homeschool related content in my Instagram highlights called Tot- School. I post on Instagram almost daily. If you want to get a sneak peek in what we are doing follow me @marionlovenotes.

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Sewing Corner Tour| Marie Kondo method| Spring 2019

Hey y’all! Today I have uploaded a new vlog on my YouTube channel showing my new sewing corner. I no longer have a sewing room (#momlife). I have struggled in the past on how to incorporate my sewing space in my kitchen. Well I have finally figured it out and decided to record a vlog showing y’all how I did it.

I went through a good majority of my craft supplies and only kept the things that I love and will actually use. The only thing I bought was the wooden thread rack for my machine embroidery threads.

I’ll list some links below if you are looking for similar items. I’ll also add pictures of my set up.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section. Also give me your recommendations on what I should put on my walls.

*sewing cabinet

*ladder bookshelf

*wooden spool rack

My new sewing corner🤗 @marionlovenotes
I love being able to see all the pretty colors that I have @marionlovenotes
Look how clean and organize everything is! @marionlovenotes
I love having all my needles, pins, etc. in one basket. @marionlovenotes

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope y’all have a great day.



{2018} Day 3| 12 Days of Christmas | new Christmas topper and yummy soup

Good evening friends,

Tonight I have a Christmas Target unboxing to share with y’all and a super yummy soup recipe. As y’all can see in the vlog the Christmas tree topper lights up and show multiple colored lights on the ceiling. My son really enjoyed watching the lights spin around on the ceiling.

My veggie bean soup recipe is the perfect 1 pot meal to share with the whole family with some yummy corn bread & a glass of wine. My current favorite wine to drink is the Stella Rosa. If you like sweet wines you will definitely enjoy this one.


The few things that I did differently from my previous recipe is;

  • Beef stew tips instead of sausage
  • 1 can of Progresso Tomato Roasted Red Pepper soup
  • Add chopped mushrooms

*I didn’t have any half & half, leeks, or rosemary on hand but they would be yummy to add to the soup.

I served the soup on top of some rice with cornbread on the side. It was soooo good.

Let me know if you are going try out this recipe. Also share your favorite 1 pot meal to serve during the hoildays in the comments section below.



*{2018} Christmas vlogs & blog posts

My Pregnancy Journey| 40 weeks prego🤗

Good Evening y’all!

Most of y’all who follow me on social media already know, I’m currently 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant and expecting my 1st baby boy. I’m in the hospital right now being induce, sense my son is acking like my belly is his permanent address. Right now the contractions are mild and I’m bored and writing a blog post is going to keep my mind occupied.

Cam is excited about being a big brother! @marionlovenotes

It has been an very interesting journey for Ken and I. I recently recorded a vlog of our baby boy’s nursery on my youtube channel and today I thought I’ll give y’all quick run down on how I found out that I was pregnant and a recap of my pregnancy. 

We stayed at the Chic resort at Punta Cana. We had such a lovely time there. @marionlovenotes
We had a pool right off our balcony. We loved sitting out there snacking on a variety of yummy foods all day. @marionlovenotes
The weather was perfect almost everyday. @marionlovenotes

I found out that I was pregnant when we came back from our trip to Punta Cana in Feburay. I belive I was around 6 weeks pregnant at that point. I kept remembering telling Ken something is wrong with my body, but couldn’t pin point what it was. We decided to take a pregnancy test just to rule that out. Me being pregnant was the last thing on my mind. 

Let me rewind really quickly if y’all don’t mind. Before we left to go to Punta Cana I had my yearly women exams & physicals. All my tests can back good and I wasn’t pregnant. So we were definitely ready to go party. 

Okay so let’s fast forward to mid February,  I took a at home pregnancy test and to my surprise it said that I was pregnant! I could bearly believe it. Now keep in mind I wasn’t trying to be pregnant and don’t start coming for me in the comment section.  We were doing everything not to get pregnant but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. So we were very surprised to find out that we were expecting. 

Now that you have a little back story of how I found out.  Let’s talk about each trimester and how pregnancy been treating me. 

1st Trimester

Omg morning sickness was no joke! I was throwing up in the morning,  nauseated  all day, throwing up all night. I couldn’t really eat much but toast,  salty crackers and chips. I couldn’t hold down water, I could only drink gringer ale. When I was brushing my teeth I got nauseated and wanted to throw up. I was bloated and over it. The only good thing from this trimester that I could remember was finding out that I was having a baby boy. I didn’t go rush out to buy a bunch of baby boy clothes or toys but we were able to start talking about names, nursery room themes, etc.

Yep I’m pregnant! @marionlovenotes

2nd Trimester 

I really started showing at this point. My stomach was and still is round like a basketball. I wasn’t throwing up as much and was finally able to to drink cold water! I didn’t have any cravings but I definitely did have foods that I couldn’t stand eating or smelling. I’m a southern girl and love smoked bbq meat. I couldn’t and still don’t like the smell or taste of smoked meat. One of my highlights in this trimester was that I had my 1st baby shower with my family. Having a baby started to feel real when you are getting a tons of baby gifts. I also felt the baby move for the first time.  It felt like butterflies fluttering inside of me. This is something I’m going to miss feeling after I deliver my baby.  

I enjoyed crocheting sweathers for my baby boy. @marionlovenotes

3rd Trimester 

I became a huge fan of fresh fruit and crushing on ice. My stomach continues to pop out however no stretch marks on the belly. All my battle scars are on my thighs and hips. At this point I’ve gained about 25 pounds which was pleasantly surprising to me. My ankles and feet are swelling when I get too hot. My feet expended and had to move up 2 shoe sizes. I’m really uncomfortable and get tried so easily. I’m hot all the time and thankful for cool Fall days. My legs cramp up a lot at night and I’m starting to miss not being pregnant. Sorry y’all but as much as I love having my baby in me, however I miss having my body back. My highlights for this trimester has been having my 2nd baby shower.  I enjoyed having my friends over celebrating my son. Two of my friends hosted this super fun baby shower for me. I also took my marernity photos when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I am very thankful to have those photos cherish forever.

Look at my yummy candy bar! @marionlovenotes
I love how they made a train using Oreos and cupcakes! @marionlovenotes

Things that has been helpful for me throughout my pregnancy;

  • Ginger chews for nausea
  • Pregnancy pillow for additional support while sleeping or relaxing 
  • Belly back brace for support while working
  • Back rubs for backaches
  • Tums for additional calcium to help with night cramps
  • Pedicures for my sore feet
  • Birthing & breastfeeding classes provided great knowledge and they also opportunity to ask questions
  • Braids, having my hair done made it easier for me

So that’s my quick recap of my pregnancy. My contractions are starting to get more intense so I’m going to end this blog post and try to rest now. Let me know if I left anything out and I’ll try to get back with y’all soon. 



Transitional Spring/ Summer Elegant Floral Tablescape |August 2017

Good morning friends I hope you guys are having a great start of a new beautiful week! This morning I uploaded a really quick video of my spring and summer tablescape. Summer is my favorite season and I hate to see it go but next month is September and it’s time to bring out all my Fall decor. I’m still currently looking for a gold silverware to go with my tablescape . If you know where I can find a good deal please let me know . So before I take everything down and bring out the pumpkins and corn, I thought I’ll show you guys what my table has been looking like this past spring and summer. If you have any questions about where I got any of the items feel free to leave them down below. I also took a few pictures of the tablescape. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures. 

I’ll chat with y’all real soon. 




Perfecting my Tomato Veggie & Bean Soup Recipe

Hey y’all!

I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and got to watch some Sunday night football. Tonight I want to share with y’all my Tomato Veggie Bean Soup recipe adventures that I’ve been working on for awhile. I really enjoy creamy tomato soup and have tried to make this soup several times. I love making this soup for our social gatherings that we have with our neighbors and friends on cold rainy days. 

This soup is a close 2nd to my #1 soup that I made Friday night in the crock pot.

Even though this soup turned out really good I think it would been better if it cook longer on low heat. My flavors were definitely on point and I received compliments on the soup, however I think the flavors would have blended better by cooking longer.

@marionlovenotes These are the seasons I like to use on my french bread including butter

@marionlovenotes The bread is ready to be toasted!
@marionlovenotes I toasted French garlic bread to go along with the soup.
@marionlovenotes A yummy red wine pairs lovely with my soup. I really enjoy these social gatherings that we have with neighbors and friends.

I really enjoy creamy tomato soup and have tried to make this soup seveal times before using different techniques. However Ken enjoys more of a heartier soup with beans and chucks of veggies. 
So I have been working on a soup that has that creamy tomato flavor that I love with the chucks of veggies and beans that Ken loves. I’m so excited to finally say I nailed it! OMG I made an amazing soup Friday night in my new crock pot that I scored for $9.90 at Walmart Thanksgiving night. If you follow me on Instagram @marionlovenotes and watch my Insta-stories you are already familiar with this.  

@marionlovenotes I just finish putting all of the ingredients in the crock pot and its starting to cook now on low.

What I love about this recipe is that, most of the ingredients are everyday food staples that most southerns already have in their pantry. I also love that you can pretty much use whatever vegetables that you have on hand. 

@marionlovenotes Oh how I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog post so you can smell this

Now what made this recipe the best soup that I’ve ever made? 
1.) Cooking the soup on high for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then cooking it on low for at least 7 hours in the crock pot

2.) Cooking sausage with the onions in olive oil in a firing pan until brown

@marionlovenotes This is the sausage I use, you can use a spicier flavor if you want

3.) Using the the same oil that the sausage and onions was cooked with to help season the soup
4.) Practice


*This recipe will serve up to 4 people but can be double or triple if needed. You can also used vegetable broth instead of beef and omit the sausage if you are vegetarian*

Olive oil 

Onion (2 medium size)

Rosemary (2 clippings)

Diced tomatoes  (16 oz. can)



Beef Broth / bouillon cubes

Garlic (2 tablespoons)




Bay leaves (3 small or 2 large)


Black Pepper 

Red Pepper Flakes 

Habanero Peppers (2)


Dried Beans Soup mix (1 cup)

Cilantro (1/2 cup)

Water (if you don’t use liquid broth)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Soak dried beans according to instructions on the package bag in water. This is an important step that cannot be skipped. 
  2. Line crock pot with liner and or use non sticking spray . 
  3. Cook onions and sausage with oil in the frying pan.
  4. While sausage and onions are cooking, slice veggies up and dump them into the crock pot. 
  5. Drain soaked beans and dump them into the crock pot 
  6. You can also dump the can tomatoes in the crock pot too as well. 
  7. By this point the sausage and onions should be ready to be dump into the crock pot. Don’t forget to dump the seasoned oil into the soup mixture. 
  8. You can also add the rest of the spices & herbs in the crock pot. 
  9. At this point you want to add your bouillon cubes or broth. If you added the cubes instead of the broth you may have to add a couple cups of water. You just want enough water to cover the mixture.
  10. I like to put the crock pot on high for about 30min to a hour then on low for at least 7 hours. This would be perfect to start in the morning before work or let it cook over night. If you don’t have a crock pot you can do this in a Dutch oven just keep an close eye on it. 
  11. Then taste the goodness!

I didn’t plan on sharing this recipe at first so I don’t have measurements for everything. I mostly eyeball it any way, and season to my liking. I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know if you give it a try.



Coffee/ Tea & Bar Hutch {drink station}


Happy Sunday!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I decided to share my coffee/ tea bar with y’all today. I’ve love having our coffee, tea, & other drinks out of the kitchen. I’m a type of person who like clear counter tops and can’t stand unnecessary stuff in the kitchen. In this blog post I’m going to show you how I use our hutch (that I got for free) to display our drinks for easy access. I recorded a vlog earlier today showing y’all everything  on the hutch. I hope y’all enjoy seeing how I use my hutch. 


I love having my tea in mason jars! Not having to deal with the boxes or the paper bags that the tea is stored in makes my mornings a little bit smoother. 


I only keep four different coffee flavors out to allow this hutch to be clutter free. I love shopping around my house and using what I already in a different way. The basket that the coffee is in, came from a gift basket set that was given to me years ago. 


Keeping items such a spoons, instant coffee, and creamer (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated) helps make my morning rush less crazy. 


We are grown here in this house and we don’t have any ‘human’ children. So I’m able to leave glasses low like this and not worry about little ones breaking it. I also like to keep my recipe books close by, for when I menu plan.

Once again I hope you enjoy my blog post and have a fabulous work week!



Grilled Eggplant Fresh from my Garden


Good evening y’all!

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying this sunshine weather with family, love ones, and friends. Ken and I ran a lot of errands today getting boring stuff for the house. If you are ever interested in seeing what we are up to check me out on Instagram or Twitter @marionlovenotes .

Anywho this Saturday evening Ken and I are relaxing from after eating a delicious grilled meal. We decided to grill homemade burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, and EGGPLANT! You may not know but eggplant is one of my current favorite vegetables to eat.

Tonight I thought I’ll come on here and write a quick blog post sharing with y’all my simple recipe for grilling eggplant.

Yummy Grilled eggplant with a juicy cheeseburger makes a perfect Saturday dinner! @marionlovenotes

We LOVE to cook out on the grill rather it’s cold, snowing, warm, hot, rainy there is nothing stopping us (ok maybe a hurricane or a tornado) from grilling our food.

Oh yes I bet y’all wish this was a scratch and sniff blog post! @marionlovenotes


  • Salt (pinch)
  • Pepper (pinch)
  • Perfect Pinch Vegtable Seasoning mix (pinch)
  • Olive oil (couple tablespoons)
  • Garlic Cilantro balsamic vinegar (couple tablespoons) 

*I just seasoned the eggplant to my liking.


  1. Preheat grill to medium heat
  2. Slice eggplant into rounds 
  3. Season eggplant to liking
  4. Place eggplant on heated grill 
  5. Flip eggplant when grill marks appear 
  6. Remove eggplant when grilled to your approval 

*I like my eggplant to be a little crispy. 


 I hope y’all enjoyed this #latenight post. Lol I guess I can say good morning considering that it’s Sunday now. Let me know if you try this recipe out. Thanks for visiting my blog!



Visiting the American Girl Doll store!| Melody Ellison Block Party 

Good morning!
What a crazy week it has been and it’s only Thursday! I hope you all having a good week and ready to start the weekend.

UPDATE: Considering everyone may not have periscope. I decided to upload my trip to the American Girl doll store on my YouTube channel “Marion Creations “.  I hope y’all enjoy! 

If you follow me on periscope @marionlovenotes you probably already seen vlog live or watch the replay of my visit to the American Girl Doll Store about two weeks ago. I know this blog is well over due, life gets busy sometimes and as most humans I forget a few things.

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m a huge American Girl Doll  fan and have been for years. Currently I have 3 dolls (Addy Walker, Truly Me #26 Charlotte Rose, and Melody Ellison). I been very blessed to have all my dolls gifted to me. I will blog more about the history of me getting these dolls later. Today I want to share with you my experience at her block party at the American Girl doll store.

The American Girl doll store had a line around the side for those who wanted to participate in the block party activities. They even had one of the employees dressed up as Melody,  which I thought was cute. I was more interested in going into the store and purchasing the doll before the the store got crowded.

 I am so excited about having Melody, I also bought an lovely dress for Addy. I will do another blog post about that later.  @marionlovenotes


I love all the outfits that they have for Melody! Her pigtails look so cute on her! @marionlovenotes
If you haven’t read the books to her story I would highly recommend them to you. @marionlovenotes


As you can tell from the pictures, the displays that they set up for Melody was lovely. I was so excited to finally be able to get my hands on her. All in all I enjoyed going to the American Girl doll store, and can’t wait to add more of Melody’s accessories to my collection. Don’t forget to check out my periscope @marionlovenotes to watch my experience and get my live reaction of Melody’s Block Party at the American Girl doll store.