I absolutely LOVE growing my own herbs, fruits, and veggies in my tiny backyard garden! I always wanted to be able to grow food and control what I put in my body. I started out growing in pots outside on my patio and inside near sunny windows when I lived in apartments.

Now I am living in a townhouse with a tiny backyard that I use to grow; cucumbers, blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, and much more!

I document my garden journey on my YouTube channel “Marion Love Notes”. In my YouTube videos I show you that you don’t need acres of land to be able to start growing your own food. I hope I can encourage you to grow your own food! I also write several blog posts about my garden here to as well.

I have a Gardening playlist on YouTube and blog posts link for y’all below. Let them be an inspiration for you to start your own garden and grow food for your family.

Garden blog posts