Toddler Homeschool Routine

Good evening friends! How have you been? Yes it’s been awhile sense I wrote a blog post, but it’s been busy and sick over here in Marionland.

Today I want to discuss my toddler homeschool routine that has been working well for my family. If you are new to the my blog, WELCOME my name is Marion and I have a two year old son who I stay home with part time. I’ve done a bunch of homeschool related blog posts already here on this blog and would LOVE for y’all to check those out.

I like to keep things simple for my son and encourage a lot of play through learning versus having him do a bunch of sit down work. I have our monthly goals and daily activities written on a white board but we don’t follow them to a “T”. I rather use it as a guide to help us stay focus, and remind me of the various activities that Tripp and I can do.

The main things that we do almost everyday is;

Circle time:

  • Morning message
  • Calendar
  • Learning basket
  • Songs (months of the year, days of the week, ABC’S, and colors)
  • Bible story & prayer
  • Educational activities (math, literacy, and hand writing)
  • Art

Outings/ Field trips:

  • Library
  • Trampoline park
  • Park & nature walk
  • Children’s museum
  • Music class
  • Playdates
  • Indoor playgrounds

I’ve talked about what exactly Tripp and I do for most of these activities listed above in pervious blog posts, however I’m more then willing to do an updated blog post if y’all are interested. I could go over everything in one post, versus doing several little posts.

Unless we are sick or the weather is really gross I make it a point to go outside at least once a day. I found local mom groups on Facebook that I try to meet up with at least once at week. Above 👆🏾 shared our favorite places that we like to go have fun at during the week. On Thursdays we try to meet up with a close friend at their house, or they will come over to our house to play. I think its good for Tripp to learn how to share his own toys, and how to share other toys when he goes to his friend house.

That’s pretty much it! That’s our toddler homeschool| routine. Nothing fancy or over the top. Line I mentioned early in this blog post, I like to keep things simple. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please consider subscribing to my blog so you can be notified via email when I upload another blog post. I promise I won’t brother you too much. LOL What’s your homeschool routine? Let’s share ideas in the comments section below.



Life as a New Mama

Good morning friends!

Happy Friday! It’s been almost been a year sense I blogged, I haven’t done much blogging on my YouTube channel either. I am actually thinking about stop doing YouTube because my life have gotten such much more busier and it doesn’t seen like something I could keep up. However I do remember how much fun it is to interact with people from around the world. One day I’ll get my grove back & start vlogging again.

My last post was of me going though labor at the hospital. Now it may seem silly to most people to blog while having contractions, but for me it was a good distraction. My son will be turning one soon😭 and I can brealy hold back the tears. I just love him so much 😍. Its been such an exciting ride watching my little infant turn into a toddler.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding my little one, which has been going fairly well for me. I really believe my secuss with breastfeeding has to do with all the breastfeeding classes & research that I involved myself in. Every body is different and I can only speak from my own personal experience. I also cloth diaper my son which I absolutely LOVE. Yep I’m a breast feeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, baby wearing mama! I’m loving every minute of it.

I’ve been working on creating play spaces for him in our townhouse. We were not in the baby making business and my pregnancy was a huge surprise to Ken & I. With all our glass coffee tables, drink bars, etc. We had to come up with situations that will fit our growing baby needs. I created a duck theme bathroom which was inspired by his 6 months photo shoot. I will be sharing a full tour of his duck bathroom soon. Below you can see grandpa hanging up picture frames for me. 🦆

I’ve also been working on being more productive and organizing my time better. I have totally stuck at focusing and not completing tasks before hand & don’t want to contuine that any longer. I try not to be so hard on myself because being a mama is a full time job alone that never ends.

If y’all have any tips please feel free to share them below.

Thanks for being oh so patient with me and contuine to support my blog. I’m going to get up from this sofa before I fall asleep. 😴