June 2015 Garden Tour/ Update

Hello friends!
When I came home from work today, I went straight to work in my garden and recorded a quick vlog of it afterwards for y’all to see. I am so excited to see my blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, collards (that need prayer) growing!

It has been a pretty busy for me these past couple weeks with traveling to visit family and with 4th of July coming up it will be getting busier. That being said I haven’t had a chance to finish filming my DIY Planner or Turning Twenty Quilt Top video. So I decided to film this quick garden update on my phone and share with y’all the progress of my garden. My goal is to have both of those videos up on my channel before the 4th of July, in the meantime y’all can check of my garden!

I picked some peppers and collards today from the garden.

 This is an overview of my whole garden minus one tomato plant.

 My little pepper hats are growing quite nicely I think!

My blackberry and tomato plants are doing very well in their containers.

 My collards need help, if you have any suggestions on what I can spray to keep the bugs away please share in the comment section below.


Growing my on Food

Happy Thursday Y’all!

I have medium sized and cherry tomatoes, spicy and banana peppers, collards, cucumbers, blackberries, and strawberries in my garden.  Last weekend I planted my cucumber plant that I grew from a seed into my vegetable bed. This is my second year growing cucumber in my garden and thought I’ll give it a try again. I’ve been growing my own food constantly for three years now, but I have always been interested in having my own garden.

I would have to say John from the YouTube channel Growing your Greens really inspired me to want to grow more organically and support locally green houses. I didn’t know anything about gardening outside of the basics but John will helped my become a better gardener. I also enjoy watching Patti from the YouTube channel GardenGirltv.

If you want to see more of my garden videos check out my garden playlist .