My First Greenhouse!|$43 Walmart Greenhouse

Good evening friends!

Earlier today I put together my first greenhouse from Walmart. I bought the greenhouse online almost a month ago 😆 and it recently got delivered.  The reason why I decided to buy a greenhouse, because the weather outside is still chilly and I don’t want to keep having to bring my seedlings in and out the house.

So far, I’m really enjoying having a greenhouse and hoping it will last for a few growing seasons. If you are looking to grow food and you live in a colder climate a greenhouse house might be a good alternative for you.

Below I have so pictures and a quick vlog for y’all to see what we have inside the greenhouse.

The greenhouse was super easy to put together.

Tripp “helped” me put the greenhouse together 🙄😆
I use the bottom as storage. The extra weight help keep it from blowing off the deck.

Thanks for coming by!

xo, Marion

Spring 2020 Urban Homestead Garden Tour

I expended this part of the garden last year and I planted my herbs in this raised bed.

Hey friends! Today I’m hoping on here to share my backyard garden with y’all 🤗. Spring is such a beautiful time for new beginnings even when we are dealing with a virus. In my garden tour I discussed my future plans for my garden. I hope y’all enjoy it.

I have fallen in love with eating kale from my garden. This variety of “curly kale” is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog once again. If you are growing a garden this year let me know in the comments what are you growing in your garden.

I planted this kale last year in the fall and it is still going strong.



Garden Harvest & Updates| July 2017

Good afternoon y’all!

The garden in the backyard is growing really well and I was even able to pick a small harvest today when I went out there to do a little pruning. I recorded a quick vlog of my garden showing y’all how my garden looks this past weekend. My pickling cucumbers are finally growing bigger, I have tomatoes growing, peppers, and okra! Of cousre my blackberries are ready to eat too. However they hardy make it to the basket (I can’t stop eating them)!

Look at those delicious blackberry!

My none pickling cucumbers are huge! I couldn’t believed that I was able to grow a cucumber this big. This is proof that you don’t need a large garden to grow food.

Here are a few more pictures of my small backyard garden. As always leave any questions that you may have below in the comments I’ll be sure to get back with you soon!

Have a great weekend y’all! I hope I’ll be back soon with another blog post. In the mean time follow me on all of my social media to see what I’m up to!



Growing Heirloom Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomatoes 

Good Morning Friends and happy Saturday!

I’ve walked Cam, tended to the garden, and now eating breakfast. How has your morning been? 

This year I’m growing Tumbling Tom yellow tomatoes in a container on my deck. This is the perfect tomato plant to grow if you live in an apartment, have a small yard, or want ease your way into gardening without the full commitment of a raised bed. These sweet little tomatoes are so yummy its hard not to eat them all straight from the vine. 

As you can see in the pictures below. This tomato plant grows like a small hanging bush. I have to bamboo sticks and string to keep it growing up straight. This would also grow perfectly in a hanging basket too. 

I bought my plant from a local gardener in my area. I’m sure y’all could find something similar to this one in any plant nursery, greenhouse,online, or Lowes, etc. in your aera. 

The other night I chopped these juicy tomatoes up in a bean and rice dish.  It was so yummy! I hope this encourages y’all to grow your own tomatoes.  Growing your own food is not hard it takes just a little patience and lots of love!

I hope y’all enjoy the weekend!



Raised Bed Garden update| June 2017

Good Morning y’all!

I’m back with another garden update. My veggies are growing very quickly and I wanted to share with y’all my progress. Still no harvest however I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that soon. I’m almost 20 weeks pregnant so I sound a congested and breathing hard (bear with me). I’ll do a blog post about my experience being pregnant soon. If you have any questions please feel free to leave then in the comment section and I’ll get back with you soon. Below I uploaded a few pictures of my garden.

It’s amazing how much you can grow in a small space.

Here are my bush beans starting to grow.

I have tiny cucumbers starting to grow too.



Spring 2017| Small Raised Bed Garden Tour

Good Morning y’all!

I know its been awhile sense I’ve blog about anything. Today I wanted to give you a quick tour of my Spring 2017 garden. I hope you enjoy the vlog. I also took some pictures too (which are down below) for y’all to see. If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ll be back with more updates about what’s going on in my life soon.



Fall 2016 Garden Update| Veggie Raised Bed, potted herbs, & front porch flowers!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and having a wonderful day! The weather has been really nice out here lately and luckily I was able to get some work done in my garden. Today I record a quick blog for y’all showing my front porch, potted herb garden, and my veggie garden out back in the raised beds. I still have plenty of work to do in my garden however, I want to show you guys a quick update of what it looks like right now . I hope you enjoy the video I’ll put some pictures down below just in case you wanted to see more. If you guys are growing a Fall garden please let me know down below. I would love to see pictures of your garden of what you’re growing this Fall. Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below, and I’ll see you guys next time!

Thanks for coming by and visiting me once again on my blog!



Grilled Eggplant Fresh from my Garden


Good evening y’all!

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying this sunshine weather with family, love ones, and friends. Ken and I ran a lot of errands today getting boring stuff for the house. If you are ever interested in seeing what we are up to check me out on Instagram or Twitter @marionlovenotes .

Anywho this Saturday evening Ken and I are relaxing from after eating a delicious grilled meal. We decided to grill homemade burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings, and EGGPLANT! You may not know but eggplant is one of my current favorite vegetables to eat.

Tonight I thought I’ll come on here and write a quick blog post sharing with y’all my simple recipe for grilling eggplant.

Yummy Grilled eggplant with a juicy cheeseburger makes a perfect Saturday dinner! @marionlovenotes

We LOVE to cook out on the grill rather it’s cold, snowing, warm, hot, rainy there is nothing stopping us (ok maybe a hurricane or a tornado) from grilling our food.

Oh yes I bet y’all wish this was a scratch and sniff blog post! @marionlovenotes


  • Salt (pinch)
  • Pepper (pinch)
  • Perfect Pinch Vegtable Seasoning mix (pinch)
  • Olive oil (couple tablespoons)
  • Garlic Cilantro balsamic vinegar (couple tablespoons) 

*I just seasoned the eggplant to my liking.


  1. Preheat grill to medium heat
  2. Slice eggplant into rounds 
  3. Season eggplant to liking
  4. Place eggplant on heated grill 
  5. Flip eggplant when grill marks appear 
  6. Remove eggplant when grilled to your approval 

*I like my eggplant to be a little crispy. 


 I hope y’all enjoyed this #latenight post. Lol I guess I can say good morning considering that it’s Sunday now. Let me know if you try this recipe out. Thanks for visiting my blog!



July 2015 Garden Tour/ Update

Good evening,
This morning before I left for work I recorded a quick video of my summer garden. There are a few changes in my garden sense the last time I took y’all out there with me. I also have plenty of pictures to share with y’all too.

 This is a side view of my garden.

 Look at my cucumber I was so excited to finally be able to pick one.

 This is my cucumber plant.

 These cherry tomatoes are so sweet and juicy!

 Blackberries are blooming!

 This is a full view of my garden.

If you have any questions about my garden feel free to leave them below! Do you grow your own food in your backyard? Please share your experiences in the comment sectoon below
 Enjoy the rest of your week!