Coffee/ Tea & Bar Hutch {drink station}


Happy Sunday!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I decided to share my coffee/ tea bar with y’all today. I’ve love having our coffee, tea, & other drinks out of the kitchen. I’m a type of person who like clear counter tops and can’t stand unnecessary stuff in the kitchen. In this blog post I’m going to show you how I use our hutch (that I got for free) to display our drinks for easy access. I recorded a vlog earlier today showing y’all everything  on the hutch. I hope y’all enjoy seeing how I use my hutch. 


I love having my tea in mason jars! Not having to deal with the boxes or the paper bags that the tea is stored in makes my mornings a little bit smoother. 


I only keep four different coffee flavors out to allow this hutch to be clutter free. I love shopping around my house and using what I already in a different way. The basket that the coffee is in, came from a gift basket set that was given to me years ago. 


Keeping items such a spoons, instant coffee, and creamer (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated) helps make my morning rush less crazy. 


We are grown here in this house and we don’t have any ‘human’ children. So I’m able to leave glasses low like this and not worry about little ones breaking it. I also like to keep my recipe books close by, for when I menu plan.

Once again I hope you enjoy my blog post and have a fabulous work week!



July 2015 Garden Tour/ Update

Good evening,
This morning before I left for work I recorded a quick video of my summer garden. There are a few changes in my garden sense the last time I took y’all out there with me. I also have plenty of pictures to share with y’all too.

 This is a side view of my garden.

 Look at my cucumber I was so excited to finally be able to pick one.

 This is my cucumber plant.

 These cherry tomatoes are so sweet and juicy!

 Blackberries are blooming!

 This is a full view of my garden.

If you have any questions about my garden feel free to leave them below! Do you grow your own food in your backyard? Please share your experiences in the comment sectoon below
 Enjoy the rest of your week!


Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Top (pt. 1)

Good Morning Darlings!

I recently went on a road trip to visit my family. I was staying at my Aunt’s house while I was visiting with my family. While we was eating breakfast Sunday morning, I was talking to my Aunt about the Turning Twenty Quilt top that I am currently working and how I am looking for a different quilt top to do next. She suggested that I try to do the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt next, so that’s what I decided to do. I did not have my camera on me to record the first part of the process, but I did take plenty of pictures.

I used fat quarter for this project and cut them down to 6x6in squares.

I layed the squares out on the table of how I want each block to be sewn together.

I decided to enterchange the middle square (purple  and yellow/ green) to add interest to the blocks.

I used a 1/4 in presser foot to make sure each block was sewn evenly.

I sewed the rows together 1st then press each seam.

I like to press my steams open, because  I think it looks nicer. As shown below when I sewed all the blocks together.

Above and below are pictures of how the blocks look when you sew them together.

There are a few more steps with sewing these blocks together to make the whole quilt. I hope you enjoyed me showing y’all how I sew the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt top together.


June 2015 Garden Tour/ Update

Hello friends!
When I came home from work today, I went straight to work in my garden and recorded a quick vlog of it afterwards for y’all to see. I am so excited to see my blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, collards (that need prayer) growing!

It has been a pretty busy for me these past couple weeks with traveling to visit family and with 4th of July coming up it will be getting busier. That being said I haven’t had a chance to finish filming my DIY Planner or Turning Twenty Quilt Top video. So I decided to film this quick garden update on my phone and share with y’all the progress of my garden. My goal is to have both of those videos up on my channel before the 4th of July, in the meantime y’all can check of my garden!

I picked some peppers and collards today from the garden.

 This is an overview of my whole garden minus one tomato plant.

 My little pepper hats are growing quite nicely I think!

My blackberry and tomato plants are doing very well in their containers.

 My collards need help, if you have any suggestions on what I can spray to keep the bugs away please share in the comment section below.


DIY Budget Friendly Planner Set- up


Happy June Every one!
I’ve been working hard on getting myself to be better organize and I finally put together a planner that I am currently using that is working well for me. I have a few more sections that I would like to put into the planner. I wanted to go ahead and upload this video up on YouTube for you all to see what I have done so far. This planner is so inexpensive and easy to put together its a wonder why I haven’t thought about making my own planner earlier instead of buying the five or six dollar ones that rarely fix my every need.  
I have been watching several DIY planner videos on YouTube to grasp an idea on how I can create my on personal planner that fix my planner needs. I didn’t realize that decorating your planner was such a big deal on YouTube. There are so many videos on how to apply stickers, dash boards, washi tape, color coordinating, and much more. I don’t see myself sending that much time decorating my planner but I do think its a very therapeutic way of having some quite time for yourself.   
I will be uploading another planner video to show you all the new sections I added and the zip pouch I will put inside there. I hope you find this video inspiring and encouraging you to make you on planner instead of feeling like you have to spend $$$ on one.

It’s Time to ge my Life RIGHT and ORGANIZE!

I totally suck and have to be one of the most forgetful people in the whole wide world! Who forgets they started a blog and made a commit to post in it at least ONCE a week but instead doesn’t?? Yep that would be me :/…… Any who, this Memorial weekend I will be focusing on “getting my life right and organize”. I decided it was time to become more focus and start planning out what I need to get done. I have been watching a ton of planning videos. I didn’t realize that there was so many people who were into planning. Some of these ladies take planning to the next level, it seems to be more like journaling or creating a scrape book rather then a planning. Its really pretty and I admire them taking that much time out to plan. I don’t seem myself buying stickers, a bunch of washi tape, and other fancy planner supplies. I most definitely do NOT see myself spending more then $20 on a planner that is only going to last me one or two years. I couldn’t find a planner that fit my personal needs so I decided to make one myself for a lot cheaper then what they have in the stores. I even recorded a video of a little haul showing ya’ll some of the items that I bought. In my next blog post I will go in more detail about how I will be using the planner.


DIY floor length Jumpsuit| M6083 view E| Putting the top together

Good Evening everyone!
I posted part two of my first sew- along using McCall’s pattern 6083 a few days ago and I am hoping to finish my jumpsuit this weekend. In this video I tried to show you all how I put together the top part of the jumpsuit. I also had some issues with my brother sewing machine and filmed my mistakes that I made when sewing. I felt if I edited out all the little issues I had you couldn’t learn from my mistakes. Keep in mind that this video is a sew along and not a tutorial (where I would teach you how to make the jumpsuit). Until I can get a better camera set up its hard for me to record tutorials and show you how to do each step. But if you have any questions on anything I did in the video feel free to ask me below in and I’ll do my best to answer you.

If you made this jumpsuit before or joining me in this sew- along please post pictures on my facebook page or tag me on twitter or instagram.


My 1st Sew- Along! DIY floor length jumpsuit

Happy Labor Day! I hope y’all are enjoying your holiday with family and friends or simply loving the fact that you do not have to go to work today! 🙂
I have been working hard in my garden and in my sewing room and ready to share with y’all. Below is video of my 1st sew- along of a floor length jumpsuit. My sew- along videos are not meant to be a tutorial but just to show you the steps that I took to create this jumpsuit. If you have questions about anything that I did in the video feel free to ask in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them in the next video.  
I decided to break it up in parts to keep it easier to watch and easier to skip ahead to the section you are more interested in viewing. I wanted to make sew- along videos with me talking to you about the process of me making the jumpsuit. As well as showing you the different mistakes I made and what I did to fix them.
I hope you enjoy this sew- along and I will try to keep more coming for y’all weekly. 

If you made this jumpsuit before or joining me in this sew- along please post pictures on my facebook page or tag me on instagram or twitter .


Unboxing my Brother CS-6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

Good Morning and Happy Memorial day everyone!

A special shout out to those who have served this country and to those who continue to sacrifice for us even now.

If you follow me on instagram or facebook or twitter you know I recently order a new sewing machine! I am ‘sew’ excited!!! I recorded an ‘un-boxing’ video my new youtube channel! So far I am loving the brother CS-6000i sewing machine and I do not have any complaints about the sewing machine. I have used brother sewing machine but this was my first time owing one. I still read over the manual to make sure I was threading the machine correctly.

 Check out my new (and first) video below!

Be Blessed,