Blogmas {2019} Day 2| My Favorite family Tradition

Hey friends!

Happy blogmas day 2! Today I’m going to share with y’all my favorite family Christmas tradition, which is picking out the Christmas tree.

This is one of the few things that we do together as a family. The first week of December we pick a family own Christmas tree lot to buy our tree. This is another way for giving back to our community. I think it’s so important to support small family own businesses.

Their family offered us cookies and we sat beside their cozy firepit sharing or life stories. It was so nice to be able to learn about other people.

Later on that night Ken brought the tree up and we screwed the tree into the tree base. I absolutely love the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

Tripp and Ken were having a good time wrestling on the floor after the tree was put up. These are these the type of memories that I like to keep in my heart forever.

Tripp was so sweet and vacuum up all the pine needles up for his Mama.

Yesterday was beautiful! I shared with y’all my favorite Christmas family tradition now its time to share yours. Leave a comment down below and tell me what your favorite family traditions are.



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone one (I know I am a little late)!!! I hope y’all had fun New Years Eve and ready to start 2014 strong. I don’t know about y’all but I am so excited about this new year. As promise below are some pictures of my ‘Christmas’ apartment and roommates decorating our first tree.


Before we got started my roommates and I fixed us some hot cocoa and put on Christmas music so we could get into the holiday spirit.


If you have not dunk Oreos into hot cocoa you are really missing out.



Us girls had a lot of fun decorating the tree and I hope this Christmas coming up is just as special as this past Christmas. I wanted to find a pretty angel as a tree topper, but I think the gold bow did just find.


 We added lights on the tree too.


We wanted to create a wreath, so I decided to use the branches from the bottom of the tree to create our Christmas wreath. I used a mixture of metal wire and hot glue to make the wreath. Next time I make the wreath I’ll record a video so you all can see how I made it. The wreath came out really big and I had to trim it down several times to fit on the door (and probably still could use another trim) but I love how big it turned out. 

We wanted to keep the decorations on the wreath simple and keep the same theme as our Christmas tree inside. We love how natural the wreath but wanted to put a girly touch to it. Well that’s our Christmas décor, I hope you liked it.


My 1st Christmas Tree

Hey y’all It’s the season of giving and I am super excited this year because I was able to buy my first real Christmas tree with my roommates.

It’s nothing like putting up a Christmas tree in your home to bring joy into your home. For those of you who buy real Christmas trees or have experienced buying real trees can agree with me. Your house fills up with a wonderful pine needle scent.

My roommates and I was so excited to put the tree up and to start decorating it. We chose pink, gold, and purple to be the main colors of the tree. Yes it is a girly tree but with three girls living in the same apartment what did you expect? There is a big gold bow on top with little and medium size gold bows going around the tree. We found pink and gold ribbon at Michael’s Arts and Craft store to go around the tree. I love our Christmas treeJ!!!

Things that I learned from purchasing my first Christmas tree (if you are a first time Christmas tree buyer these suggestions might be helpful for you);

·         Don’t try to overdo it by buying a tree that’s over 7ft tall just because you have room in your home for it. Remember you have to buy ornaments, ribbon, lights, and anything else you want to use when it comes to decorating the tree. I think 6ft is a great size for a Christmas tree (but to each its own).

·         Before you start purchasing any ornaments for your Christmas tree, make a list of colors that make you happy or you would like to see on your tree. Writing out a list can keep you focus and from over spending. Go online to websites such as Pinterest to get ideas of what you can do in your own home. So you will not feel so overwhelmed when you go to the store looking at Christmas ornaments.

·         Where I live there is a Christmas tree stand on almost every corner, so I did not have a hard time finding a place to buy a tree. However it is the season of giving and I wanted to support organization that give back to the community. I research Christmas tree growers that gave back and found one near me.

·         The most important suggestion I could give you is to have fun. I haven’t seen a perfect Christmas tree and I would want one in my home. Unless you buy a fake tree you are not going to find a perfectly round tree with no missing branches. Each tree is different with its own personality. So warm up some hot cocoa turn on some Christmas music, and invite your family and or friends over and have fun.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



***I will post pictures in my next post***