I want to be a Tent Glamper

Hey friends!

Lets talk about tent camping! My interest in camping sparked before the pandemic. I had planned a family fun weekend to Virginia Beach KOA. It was going to be on mother’s day weekend and I was so excited to be able to go to the beach and spend time with my boys. Well covid happened and everything got shut down. Obviously our trip got cancelled and we stayed home like the rest of the world.

I didn’t get a chance to go tent camping, however I continued to research tent camping. The more I looked into tent camping, the more I realized that I’m more of a glamper. I like little luxurious that you get at home but still want to enjoy the great outdoors. I love the idea of being able to set up a mini tent hotel out in nature and bring able to pack it away in my garage when its not in use when .

I know some people prefer a camper on wheels, but I can’t honestly say I can justify spending that kind of money on a camper. I’m not going to get into the costs of owning and maintaining a camper, but if I had thousands of dollars laying around I’ve much rather buy a boat. I would have to spend money to buy the RV, spend money on buying all the needed RV essentials, spend money on maintaining the RV, and then spending money on putting it into storage when its not in use. That’s a lot of money in my personal opinion just to go camping and enjoy mother nature.

Everyone views glamping differently, but let me tell you what my top 7 reasons what makes me want to be a tent glamper.

1.) Canvas Tent

There are so many great tents out there, however I would definitely look into buying a canvas tent (only for car camping). These types of tents hold up better in a variety of different weather and lasts a lot longer then traditional nylon tents. They also look amazing at your campsite.

3.) Comfortable sleeping arrangements

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean you have to be on the ground in a sleeping bag. There are so many good cots and air mattresses out there nowadays. I personally prefer a cot with extra sleeping pads, sleeping bag, wool blankets and pillows. Having mother nature as your sound machine and breathing in the fresh air while sleeping is heaven to me.

2.) Good Food

I like to EAT and I don’t mean hotdogs. I love how food tastes over the fire in a cast iron skillet. I want to cook all the amazing meals that I eat at home right over the fire under the stars.

4.) Canopy

I love the pop up screen in tents that allows me to be outside but away from the elements (rain, bugs, sun, etc.). Sometimes I will need a break or want to prepare food in a protected area.

5.) Clean Bathroom

Okay so I’m not interested in digging a hole in the ground to poop or trying to pee without making a mess. There are bathroom canopies that I can pop up any where. There are also portable toilets and solar showers that I can also use.

6.) Car Camping

I love the idea of driving up to my campsite with all of my glamping items. I’m currently not interested in trying to pack everything in a backpack and carrying it on my back for miles. I mentioned earlier that I want a canvas tent for camping. Canvas tents are extremely heavy and aren’t meant to be carried far. I know to some people that’s apart of the adventure of camping (hiking to their campsite), however I’ll let them have that adventure.

7.) Established Campsites

Having an established campsite to pitch my tent at gives me all the glamping vibes. I can drive my car to my paid and reserve campsite and in most cases campsites come with; a tent pad, firepit ring, picnic table, and maybe even a charcoal grill. Depending on where I choose to camp there is even places that I could go fish, I can take my son to the playground, or get ice and other supplies from the local camp store . There are so many great state parks with fabulous views, private campgrounds with amazing amenities, and hipcamp locations that will give you the privacy from the outside world. Each one has its pros and cons but are much more reliable then hoping to find a safe boondocking site. As solo mom tent camper that’s super important to me.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Do you go camping? If so do you call yourself a glamper? I want to know leave me a comment below!

Xo, Marion

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