Perfecting my Tomato Veggie & Bean Soup Recipe

Hey y’all!

I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend and got to watch some Sunday night football. Tonight I want to share with y’all my Tomato Veggie Bean Soup recipe adventures that I’ve been working on for awhile. I really enjoy creamy tomato soup and have tried to make this soup several times. I love making this soup for our social gatherings that we have with our neighbors and friends on cold rainy days. 

This soup is a close 2nd to my #1 soup that I made Friday night in the crock pot.

Even though this soup turned out really good I think it would been better if it cook longer on low heat. My flavors were definitely on point and I received compliments on the soup, however I think the flavors would have blended better by cooking longer.

@marionlovenotes These are the seasons I like to use on my french bread including butter

@marionlovenotes The bread is ready to be toasted!
@marionlovenotes I toasted French garlic bread to go along with the soup.
@marionlovenotes A yummy red wine pairs lovely with my soup. I really enjoy these social gatherings that we have with neighbors and friends.

I really enjoy creamy tomato soup and have tried to make this soup seveal times before using different techniques. However Ken enjoys more of a heartier soup with beans and chucks of veggies. 
So I have been working on a soup that has that creamy tomato flavor that I love with the chucks of veggies and beans that Ken loves. I’m so excited to finally say I nailed it! OMG I made an amazing soup Friday night in my new crock pot that I scored for $9.90 at Walmart Thanksgiving night. If you follow me on Instagram @marionlovenotes and watch my Insta-stories you are already familiar with this.  

@marionlovenotes I just finish putting all of the ingredients in the crock pot and its starting to cook now on low.

What I love about this recipe is that, most of the ingredients are everyday food staples that most southerns already have in their pantry. I also love that you can pretty much use whatever vegetables that you have on hand. 

@marionlovenotes Oh how I wish this was a scratch and sniff blog post so you can smell this

Now what made this recipe the best soup that I’ve ever made? 
1.) Cooking the soup on high for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then cooking it on low for at least 7 hours in the crock pot

2.) Cooking sausage with the onions in olive oil in a firing pan until brown

@marionlovenotes This is the sausage I use, you can use a spicier flavor if you want

3.) Using the the same oil that the sausage and onions was cooked with to help season the soup
4.) Practice


*This recipe will serve up to 4 people but can be double or triple if needed. You can also used vegetable broth instead of beef and omit the sausage if you are vegetarian*

Olive oil 

Onion (2 medium size)

Rosemary (2 clippings)

Diced tomatoes  (16 oz. can)



Beef Broth / bouillon cubes

Garlic (2 tablespoons)




Bay leaves (3 small or 2 large)


Black Pepper 

Red Pepper Flakes 

Habanero Peppers (2)


Dried Beans Soup mix (1 cup)

Cilantro (1/2 cup)

Water (if you don’t use liquid broth)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Soak dried beans according to instructions on the package bag in water. This is an important step that cannot be skipped. 
  2. Line crock pot with liner and or use non sticking spray . 
  3. Cook onions and sausage with oil in the frying pan.
  4. While sausage and onions are cooking, slice veggies up and dump them into the crock pot. 
  5. Drain soaked beans and dump them into the crock pot 
  6. You can also dump the can tomatoes in the crock pot too as well. 
  7. By this point the sausage and onions should be ready to be dump into the crock pot. Don’t forget to dump the seasoned oil into the soup mixture. 
  8. You can also add the rest of the spices & herbs in the crock pot. 
  9. At this point you want to add your bouillon cubes or broth. If you added the cubes instead of the broth you may have to add a couple cups of water. You just want enough water to cover the mixture.
  10. I like to put the crock pot on high for about 30min to a hour then on low for at least 7 hours. This would be perfect to start in the morning before work or let it cook over night. If you don’t have a crock pot you can do this in a Dutch oven just keep an close eye on it. 
  11. Then taste the goodness!

I didn’t plan on sharing this recipe at first so I don’t have measurements for everything. I mostly eyeball it any way, and season to my liking. I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know if you give it a try.



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