2016 Thanksgiving Recaps 

Good morning y’all!!! 

I been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to come on here and write a blog post in almost a month. 

How was y’all thanksgiving?? …..Did y’all host dinner?…..What did y’all  cook? 

I had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving dinner in our home this year. Thankfully Ken’s mom and sister helped me out with cooking the dinner. Unfortunately, I can get very stress out when trying to cook for a large crowd.  I always worry about how the food tastes, will I get everything cook on time, will my guest even show up, and the list goes on and on. However all the food turned out great and we had a house full of people. I did  find it helpful to write out a detail grocery list and menu. Having those written out helped us stay on task. We are traditional thanksgiving eating people here so we like to cook all of the standard thanksgiving foods. I’ll leave my menu below just in case y’all are interested ;

Baked Turkey

Smoked Ham

Crock pot Chicken 

Collard Greens


Black Eyed Peas

Sweet Potato Casserole

Devil Eggs

Macaroni & Cheese

Cranberry Sauce


Rolls/ Cornbread

Banana Cheesecake

Peacon pie

Sweet Potato pie

Lemon/cucumber/ mint water 

Cranberry Apple Sangria 


Wow I still can’t believe we pulled it off and had dinner ready to be serve by 5:30pm!

I believe the table turned out looking very lovely. I tried to keep it simple but festive at the same time . 

I was so busy the day of our dinner I forgot to take a lot of pictures, however I have a few to show y’all. 

The crock pot chicken turned out really tasty. I put foil balls underneath it to keep it from just sitting in the  juices. It also helped it brown the chicken all the way around and not just the top.

We had our dinner on Saturday sense we both worked during the week  and it just made it easier to go Thursday night and black Friday shopping. Yes I’m the crazy lady in the stores. This year I had Ken’s dad & nephew-n-law to be my body guards so that helped me out a lot. 

Well that’s my Thanksgiving recap! I’m in full Christmas mode. Actually if I’m being honest I been in Christmas mode for the longest time. I put up a 6ft tree that I got from the dollar store upstairs in the hallway about five weeks ago.  

It’s super cute and I love having  a little bit of Christmas as I walk upstairs . I hope y’all have a great weekend and I can’t wait to come back to show  y’all  my 2016 Christmas house tour!



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