Starting to Decorate for Fall |Mason Jar DIY 

I’ve always like seasonal decor and I enjoy the traditional colors that each season brings. I started to put out some Fall decor on my coffee/ tea bar,  however I have been inspired by pinterest to add more Fall decor to my home. 

I’m starting with my kitchen and with all the yummy pumpkin spice flavor treats that are available now. I feel like a candy dish would be perfect. I’m not a huge fan of a bunch of random decor on my kitchen counter. I like to have a nice cleared off work space to prep and cook my food. I have some extra mason jars in the kitchen from when I was canning. I picked up some pumpkin spice chocolate covered pretzels and off course candy corn.

This candy jar works perfectly in the kitchen as functionally Fall decor. Its nice to have yummy treats in the kitchen to snack on while preparing a meal to eat. The mason jar was looking a little plain, so I added a burlap ribbon around the lid of the jar.

I decided to use a wide mouth mason jar, it’s  much easier for adult size hands to get in and out of the jar. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post! I’ll be soon with another blog post!



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