Coffee/ Tea & Bar Hutch {drink station}


Happy Sunday!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  I decided to share my coffee/ tea bar with y’all today. I’ve love having our coffee, tea, & other drinks out of the kitchen. I’m a type of person who like clear counter tops and can’t stand unnecessary stuff in the kitchen. In this blog post I’m going to show you how I use our hutch (that I got for free) to display our drinks for easy access. I recorded a vlog earlier today showing y’all everything  on the hutch. I hope y’all enjoy seeing how I use my hutch. 


I love having my tea in mason jars! Not having to deal with the boxes or the paper bags that the tea is stored in makes my mornings a little bit smoother. 


I only keep four different coffee flavors out to allow this hutch to be clutter free. I love shopping around my house and using what I already in a different way. The basket that the coffee is in, came from a gift basket set that was given to me years ago. 


Keeping items such a spoons, instant coffee, and creamer (that doesn’t have to be refrigerated) helps make my morning rush less crazy. 


We are grown here in this house and we don’t have any ‘human’ children. So I’m able to leave glasses low like this and not worry about little ones breaking it. I also like to keep my recipe books close by, for when I menu plan.

Once again I hope you enjoy my blog post and have a fabulous work week!



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