Visiting the American Girl Doll store!| Melody Ellison Block Party 

Good morning!
What a crazy week it has been and it’s only Thursday! I hope you all having a good week and ready to start the weekend.

UPDATE: Considering everyone may not have periscope. I decided to upload my trip to the American Girl doll store on my YouTube channel “Marion Creations “.  I hope y’all enjoy! 

If you follow me on periscope @marionlovenotes you probably already seen vlog live or watch the replay of my visit to the American Girl Doll Store about two weeks ago. I know this blog is well over due, life gets busy sometimes and as most humans I forget a few things.

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m a huge American Girl Doll  fan and have been for years. Currently I have 3 dolls (Addy Walker, Truly Me #26 Charlotte Rose, and Melody Ellison). I been very blessed to have all my dolls gifted to me. I will blog more about the history of me getting these dolls later. Today I want to share with you my experience at her block party at the American Girl doll store.

The American Girl doll store had a line around the side for those who wanted to participate in the block party activities. They even had one of the employees dressed up as Melody,  which I thought was cute. I was more interested in going into the store and purchasing the doll before the the store got crowded.

 I am so excited about having Melody, I also bought an lovely dress for Addy. I will do another blog post about that later.  @marionlovenotes


I love all the outfits that they have for Melody! Her pigtails look so cute on her! @marionlovenotes
If you haven’t read the books to her story I would highly recommend them to you. @marionlovenotes


As you can tell from the pictures, the displays that they set up for Melody was lovely. I was so excited to finally be able to get my hands on her. All in all I enjoyed going to the American Girl doll store, and can’t wait to add more of Melody’s accessories to my collection. Don’t forget to check out my periscope @marionlovenotes to watch my experience and get my live reaction of Melody’s Block Party at the American Girl doll store.



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