Moving into our new home

Hey y’all!
It’s Friday! Woot woot the weekend is finally here. What are your plans for the weekend? I know that I want to get some sewing done and finish up unpacking. I am also working on my Spring tablescape and indoor herb garden.
I mentioned in my last blog post that we moved into a larger Townhouse earlier this month. So far things are going good and its starting to finally feel like home now. I am currently in the decorating process part right now which is very exciting to me.
We still have some boxes to sort out that are in the rec- room/ basement. We plan on using the rec -room/ basement as our office space and causal lounge aera. I  think it will be a great space for the girls to come over and hang out.
Another room that I’m excited about is my craft room! I finally have a room where all my sewing, knitting, embroidery,  and all my other many craft supplies will live.
I can’t wait to share all of my new spaces with you all. I will definitely bring you all along with me on this new journey. I hope you all have a great weekend!
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The beginnings of my indoor herb garden!

Monday March Madness



I have not been a good blogger and I am wounding when I can become consistent and stick to a simple schedule. Anywho… have y’all been? I have been sooooo busy (no this is not an excuse or a reason why I have not been blogging) these last two months. We celebrated New Year Eve in Florida with friends,  packed up our old townhouse and move into a new larger townhouse, Cam had surgery, and many more activities have been going on in my life. I have also been having a hard time coming up with materials to blog about that are only “craft” centered. I am interested in expending my blog to a “life style” blog to allow myself more flexible. This way I can blog more about my adventures with Cam, cooking experiences, decorating my new home, and much more. I really want to make blogging my full time career, so I really need to come up with ways to stay focus and make time to blog more often.

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Loving life on the beach