Posting Schedule for my Youtube and Blog

Good morning and happy Wednesday to everyone!
I’ve been working on recording more vlogs for my YouTube channel this past weekend. My goal is to upload a new vlog up every Monday morning eastern time (and hopefully start uploading on Wednesday’s too soon) and write a coordinating blog post to share with you guys.
I am interested in sharing with y’all; quilting, canning, cooking, garden, home décor, and craft hauls related vlog and blog posts. I am in the process of redesigning my craft/office/guest room and would love to share that process with y’all too.
However I need your help to know what else you guys would like to see from me (that is craft related). Leave a comment below telling me what kind of vlogs and or blogs that you would like for me to record or write next. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me on my blog!
I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

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