Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Top (pt. 1)

Good Morning Darlings!

I recently went on a road trip to visit my family. I was staying at my Aunt’s house while I was visiting with my family. While we was eating breakfast Sunday morning, I was talking to my Aunt about the Turning Twenty Quilt top that I am currently working and how I am looking for a different quilt top to do next. She suggested that I try to do the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt next, so that’s what I decided to do. I did not have my camera on me to record the first part of the process, but I did take plenty of pictures.

I used fat quarter for this project and cut them down to 6x6in squares.

I layed the squares out on the table of how I want each block to be sewn together.

I decided to enterchange the middle square (purple  and yellow/ green) to add interest to the blocks.

I used a 1/4 in presser foot to make sure each block was sewn evenly.

I sewed the rows together 1st then press each seam.

I like to press my steams open, because  I think it looks nicer. As shown below when I sewed all the blocks together.

Above and below are pictures of how the blocks look when you sew them together.

There are a few more steps with sewing these blocks together to make the whole quilt. I hope you enjoyed me showing y’all how I sew the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt top together.


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