DIY Budget Friendly Planner Set- up


Happy June Every one!
I’ve been working hard on getting myself to be better organize and I finally put together a planner that I am currently using that is working well for me. I have a few more sections that I would like to put into the planner. I wanted to go ahead and upload this video up on YouTube for you all to see what I have done so far. This planner is so inexpensive and easy to put together its a wonder why I haven’t thought about making my own planner earlier instead of buying the five or six dollar ones that rarely fix my every need.  
I have been watching several DIY planner videos on YouTube to grasp an idea on how I can create my on personal planner that fix my planner needs. I didn’t realize that decorating your planner was such a big deal on YouTube. There are so many videos on how to apply stickers, dash boards, washi tape, color coordinating, and much more. I don’t see myself sending that much time decorating my planner but I do think its a very therapeutic way of having some quite time for yourself.   
I will be uploading another planner video to show you all the new sections I added and the zip pouch I will put inside there. I hope you find this video inspiring and encouraging you to make you on planner instead of feeling like you have to spend $$$ on one.

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