Missing the Good O’ Times w/ Friends

Good Morning! How are you? Right not I am just a little overwhelm with all the things I need to do before I move. I was sitting here thinking about my friends some I see now, and others I haven’t seen in awhile. As we have graduated high school, went to college, formed romantic relationships, and moved across the country it is becoming harder to see one another like we use to.

I have notice that we are slowly floating away from each other. We have become so busy with our own individual lives, that we haven’t spent much time together at all. 
I  miss our road trips to the beach, hanging out at the pool, picnics at the parks.etc. 

I miss going shopping and getting my weekend retail therapy with my girls.
These are just some of the fun memories I had with the girls. Of course I can’t include everyone and wanted to make sure I could find a “decent” picture without embarrassing anyone. So don’t get mad if you don’t see your picture. You know I love you all and want nothing but the best for you. I hope we can continue to make more fun memories together as the years goes by. 
I have been so blessed to have great people placed into my life. 

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