African Inspired Drawstring Pants

Good morning y’all!

For my cousin’s birthday I made her a pair of drawstring pants, I used a variety of patterns mixed together get the desired pattern that I wanted to use. The pants were fairly easy to make, but I wouldn’t advise a beginner sewer to try to sew these pants as their first pants project. As a beginner sewer I would advise you to make your first pair of pants with elastic at the waist and at the ankles to get a similar look.

As you can see I used an African or Aztec inspired light weight fabric. I thought this would be a fun print for a pair of drawstring pants. I have no idea where I got fabric, really think it was gifted to me. When I first started sewing years ago, a lot of my sewing tools and fabric was given to me.

As you can see in the above picture I add drawstrings to the bottom of the pants, so it could be gathered at her ankles . Or she could tie the pants higher up on her leg and create a totally different look. I think these pants turned out to be really cute, hopefully she might let me take a picture of her wearing them so y’all can see how they look on.


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