Missing the Good O’ Times w/ Friends

Good Morning! How are you? Right not I am just a little overwhelm with all the things I need to do before I move. I was sitting here thinking about my friends some I see now, and others I haven’t seen in awhile. As we have graduated high school, went to college, formed romantic relationships, and moved across the country it is becoming harder to see one another like we use to.

I have notice that we are slowly floating away from each other. We have become so busy with our own individual lives, that we haven’t spent much time together at all. 
I  miss our road trips to the beach, hanging out at the pool, picnics at the parks.etc. 

I miss going shopping and getting my weekend retail therapy with my girls.
These are just some of the fun memories I had with the girls. Of course I can’t include everyone and wanted to make sure I could find a “decent” picture without embarrassing anyone. So don’t get mad if you don’t see your picture. You know I love you all and want nothing but the best for you. I hope we can continue to make more fun memories together as the years goes by. 
I have been so blessed to have great people placed into my life. 

African Inspired Drawstring Pants

Good morning y’all!

For my cousin’s birthday I made her a pair of drawstring pants, I used a variety of patterns mixed together get the desired pattern that I wanted to use. The pants were fairly easy to make, but I wouldn’t advise a beginner sewer to try to sew these pants as their first pants project. As a beginner sewer I would advise you to make your first pair of pants with elastic at the waist and at the ankles to get a similar look.

As you can see I used an African or Aztec inspired light weight fabric. I thought this would be a fun print for a pair of drawstring pants. I have no idea where I got fabric, really think it was gifted to me. When I first started sewing years ago, a lot of my sewing tools and fabric was given to me.

As you can see in the above picture I add drawstrings to the bottom of the pants, so it could be gathered at her ankles . Or she could tie the pants higher up on her leg and create a totally different look. I think these pants turned out to be really cute, hopefully she might let me take a picture of her wearing them so y’all can see how they look on.


Sewing Curtains for the 1st time!

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing well, I know my east coast friends are especially happy that spring is finally here. I have decided to post some of my sewing projects here on this blog. I just realize that I have been doing a lot of sewing but I have not shared any of my projects with you all. 

I made curtains for the kitchen window for the first time!! I am so excited, you would have thought I have made curtains before with my years of sewing experience but I haven’t. I always wanted to make curtains but never did. The curtains are super cute (at least I think so) and so easy to make. This is a perfect project for a beginner sewer.

As you can see I made two different panels for the top and bottom curtains. I plan on keeping the top curtain close and just opening the bottom one during the day.

I bought the fabric at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store in the home and décor section. I decided to have an floral print on the top and solid chocolate brown color on the bottom. I didn’t bring any measurements with me to the store (bad idea) but I ended up getting about a yard and a half of each of the fabric. Thank goodness it all worked out.

I have a lot more spring and summer crafty projects that I want to work on and I’ll be sure to share them with y’all. If you want to see more of my craft projects like my Facebook page and check out my etsy shop  (the links are below).