Celebrating 2014

My New Year Eve’s was spent on the sofa with Ken watching the ball drop. The next day we went out to eat dinner at Bone Fish Grill to celebrate the new year.

If you have not eaten at Bone Fish Grill you are really missing out on a special treat. The food was so good, we had bang bang shrimp as an appetizer…..OMG that shrimp was delicious! 

It was really nice going out to eat dinner with Ken and celebrating 2014 with someone I care about. In the picture below I am holding a tasty glass of Winter White Cosmo with cranberries floating on top….yum 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone one (I know I am a little late)!!! I hope y’all had fun New Years Eve and ready to start 2014 strong. I don’t know about y’all but I am so excited about this new year. As promise below are some pictures of my ‘Christmas’ apartment and roommates decorating our first tree.


Before we got started my roommates and I fixed us some hot cocoa and put on Christmas music so we could get into the holiday spirit.


If you have not dunk Oreos into hot cocoa you are really missing out.



Us girls had a lot of fun decorating the tree and I hope this Christmas coming up is just as special as this past Christmas. I wanted to find a pretty angel as a tree topper, but I think the gold bow did just find.


 We added lights on the tree too.


We wanted to create a wreath, so I decided to use the branches from the bottom of the tree to create our Christmas wreath. I used a mixture of metal wire and hot glue to make the wreath. Next time I make the wreath I’ll record a video so you all can see how I made it. The wreath came out really big and I had to trim it down several times to fit on the door (and probably still could use another trim) but I love how big it turned out. 

We wanted to keep the decorations on the wreath simple and keep the same theme as our Christmas tree inside. We love how natural the wreath but wanted to put a girly touch to it. Well that’s our Christmas décor, I hope you liked it.