Fun Times at the Original Sewing Expo

Howdy ya’ll!
It has been some time sense I have wrote in this blog. It has been an exciting week for me and I can’t wait to share it all with you. If you love to sew and never been to a sewing expo then you have been missing out. The good news is that they have these sewing expos once a year in various cities in the United States. The sewing expo is a place where people who share the same interest can come together and explore the different vendors.

The vendors come to the expo from around the country and people all over the country enter their quilts into various contests that the expo host. It is amazing to see the different quilts that people come up with. I took few photos of the quilts entered into the contests, as well as video clips of what was going on in the expo. As soon as I get a chance to edit the clips I’ll post them here. There were a variety of people, different ages, males and female, people with years of experience sewing and there were beginners.

Coming to this sewing is a great way to update your sewing notions and get great deals on high end sewing machines.

Click this link to find out when the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo is coming close to you.->

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