REVIEW: Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

***Every now and then I will run across a hair product that I really love and I will do quick review. Let me know if you tried this product before in the comments below. I hope you all enjoy this review and come back to see whats new on my blog. ***

Ya’ll see this used bottle of hair milk must means I like right? Well actually I do really like this hair milk and I would recommend this hair milk for my ladies who have thick or tight curly hair textures. I was looking for a product that would moisturize my hair when I wear my hair in a puff after a wash and grow. I have always loved Shea Moisture’s curl enhancing smoothie for my twist and braid outs, so I figure it would hurt to give this product a try. I never cared for hair milks, but this hair milk is thicker then most and allows my hair to remain soft though out the day. It has been very hot here and for my hair not to be dried out and brittle at the end of the day is amazing to me.

Even though this is not a lot of the hair product in my hand I wanted to show you what it looks like out of the bottle for those who have not seen it. As you can see from the picture the hair milk is very creamy and my hair soaks it up. I am excited I found another natural hair product that works for me.